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Healthy Community Survey

If you are one of the Des Plaines household that randomly received a Healthy Community Survey by mail, the City of Des Plaines and its local partners encourage you to return the survey by May 30, 2016. Your responses will be critical as the Des Plaines area survey works to identify human needs in the Des Plaines area.

At the initiation of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, the Healthier Des Plaines Area Project was created in partnership with the City of Des Plaines and over 30 local entities that met numerous times to develop a detailed health needs survey.   Approximately 1/3 of the Des Plaines households will randomly receive the survey in both English and Spanish (although any donations to the project will go directly to increasing how many households receive the survey).

Chair of the survey, Paula Besler, Director of Community and Health Relations at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital stated, “Having done these surveys recently in both Park Ridge and Niles, it is exciting and inspiring to see the Des Plaines area similarly come together with such commitment to develop a survey to assess and identify the needs of their community.   Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is very proud to be a partner of this extraordinary community effort.  The eventual outcomes from this survey project will help point the way for a truly healthier Des Plaines area.” View informational flyer in English and Spanish.